LogiLink® Multitool

  • The allrounder for every occasion
  • Incl. a durable nylon pouch for easy carrying
  • Fold the tool and it becomes pocket size!
  • Functions: Needle nose plier, regular plier, wire cutter, nail file, small flat screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, knife blade, bottle opener with slotted screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, leather punch, serrated knife

Order Id: WZ0044

EAN: 4052792044591

PU: 0 Pieces

A pocket-sized multifunctional survival tool, ideal for road trips and outdoor adventures! It contains a serrated knife and bottle opener, as well as a wire cutter and screwdriver.

Technical Hotline: 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m, (+49) 2351-66887-19
(German landline number)

Email: support@logilink.com
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